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SanketLife Pro Plus is a versatile device for heart health monitoring. Whether you prefer the flexibility of wire-based monitoring or the convenience of touch-based monitoring, this Pocket ECG has got you covered. Take charge of your cardiac health by routinely measuring 12 lead ECG, HRV, and stress levels with SanketLife Pro Plus. Enjoy greater independence and comfort with the hybrid user interface of this device.

Versatile Monitoring: One pocket-friendly device for monitoring 1/6/12 lead ECG, heart rate (HR), and heart rate variability (HRV).

Real-Time Detection: Identifies 100+ heart problems in real-time, while providing comprehensive insights.

Convertible Design: Easily transforms to wire-based ECG with optional lead and converter combo (sold separately).

Report & Backup: Get instant PDF reports with the assurance of automatic cloud backup.

Device Compatibility: Pairs seamlessly with Android and iOS devices for convenient heart health monitoring.

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Device Specification

Sanketlfie pro plus combo


SanketLife Pro+ Touch & Wire-Based ECG Testing


Do wire-based or touch-based 12-lead ECG, HRV or stress level monitoring anytime, anywhere


This ECG monitor is made keeping the highest quality standards in consideration

User Interface

Greater independence & comfort with hybrid user interface - touch-based & wire-based.


The device connects readily with Android and iOS devices.


Hybrid Device

SanketLife Pro+ can be used for wire-based as well as touch-based ECG monitoring


The device has a portable design and fits comfortably in a pocket or a purse

Instant Reports

Get results instantly and share with a doctor through the SanketLife App in minutes

Early Detection

This handy health monitor enables early detection of diseases, helping patients take treatment on time & avoid fatal consequences.

sanketlife pocket size ecg device
agatsa Pro plus ecg device warranty

Support & Warranty


We are open to our customers 24x7 to resolve any queries about our portable ECG machine


Reach out to us in case you're unsure about how to use the product and we will give you a demo right away


Get a solid 1-year warranty on SanketLife Pro+ Combo

Agatsa Pro plus ecg device

Stay Informed of Your Health Vitals, No Matter Where You Go! 

Thousands of people are using SanketLife Pro+ to monitor their heart health. Join the club of satisfied users and experience the benefits of our portable ECG monitor yourself.


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Our product holds CDSCO Manufacturing License and ISO 13485 certification, ensuring quality and compliance. Proudly Made in India, our product reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Awards & Accreditations

On a Mission to Improve Lives

Our mission is to simplify cardiac care and make heart health screening affordable and accessible to all.

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Frequently asked questions

What is SanketLife Pro Plus Pocket ECG Device?

SanketLife Pro Plus is a pocket ECG device designed for both touch-based and wire-based 12-lead ECG testing. Utilizing advanced IoT and AI technology, it swiftly detects heart abnormalities, providing instant digital results on your smartphone.

Who can use SanketLife Pro Plus Pocket ECG?

SanketLife Pro Plus is suitable for individuals of all ages, from young adults to the elderly, offering comprehensive heart health monitoring. It can be connected to SwitchSy converter and DB15 cable to monitor hassle-free ECG at home or even in diagnostic centers and hospitals.

How do I use SanketLife Pro Plus ECG?

To use SanketLife Pro Plus, place both your thumbs on the finger sensors and receive the ECG report on the SanketLife app. For a complete 12 Lead ECG, follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the app. Connect the device with the SwitchSy converter and DB15 cable for wire-based testing.

Is wire-based ECG monitoring better than touch-based monitoring?

Wire-based ECG is ideal for situations when people cannot physically hold a device to do a sequential 12 Lead ECG. SanketLife Pro Plus is designed for use in such situations as well as for regular monitoring, where touch-based ECG can be much more convenient.

How accurate is SanketLife Pro Plus 12 Lead ECG?

SanketLife Pro Plus ensures utmost accuracy in delivering heart health insights. Every SanketLife product, including SanketLife Pro Plus, undergoes rigorous testing. The technology has also been tested and approved by some of the biggest institutions in India.

Can I get a demo of SanketLife Pro Plus ECG?

Yes, you can request a personalized demo from Agatsa's support team. Simply reach out to us on 08069289999 to make the demo request

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