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What Is SanketLife?


Medical Grade ECG In Your Pocket 

SanketLife series of devices are affordable, MADE IN INDIA, pocket-sized portable ECG machines that can perform medical grade single, 6-lead or 12-lead ECG tests, prepare reports, analyse and get doctor's review, all within 10 minutes. 

ECG Anywhere, Anytime

SanketLife is the world's smallest, clinical grade, touch-based portable ECG Monitor. It is a pocket ECG machine, which can be carried anywhere and can be operated by anyone with minimal or no training. It can take a full 12-Lead ECG and thus 

Recommended and Used by Doctors

SanketLife is trusted and used by doctors, healthcare professionals, diagnostic services and patients. Along with ECG, this portable Heart monitor can measure accurate Heart rate (HR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Stress and almost 80+ Heart diseases.

From Paper to Digital ECG!

Created by Engineers for doctors, SanketLife is an Indian innovation which is pioneer in Cardiac monitoring and creating miniature, pocket sized, TOUCH BASED ECG device. The first alert of a Heart Disease has Traditionally been a Chest Pain or a Heart Attack...BUT NOT ANY MORE.

Not just ECG! Instant Interpreted ECG Report and Optional Cardiologist in 10 Minutes. World's First and Leadless, digital and connected 12 LEAD ECG Device.

1. DIY ECG to check heart health and identify potential problems.

SanketLife portable ECG device allows quick ECG for checking heart health. These easy to operate 'Touch-based' ECG devices can easily take 12-Lead ECG at home, office or on the go anytime anywhere. SanketLife is an iOT cardiac monitoring tool which is connected to cloud and a network of doctors for quick review and doctor consultation. It is an easy and effective method for cardiac monitoring that can help you identify any cardiovascular disease or a heart attack on time and connects you with a doctor immediately.

2.SanketLife is apt for use at home as well as clinics!

Since,SanketLife ECG devices are capable of taking full 12-Lead ECG, it is apt for use by doctors, healthcare professionals, diagnostic services and users and patients equally. Along with ECG, this portable Heart monitor can measure accurate Heart rate (HR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Stress and almost 100+ Heart diseases. Our portable ECG machines make heart health predictions using machine learning and provide results similar to hospital ECG machines.

3. Accurate ECG in the price of a Heart Monitor

SanketLife is 98% accurate in comparison to traditional 12-Lead ECG machines. The trials and validations have been conducted in India's top cardiac institutes like Narayana Hrudayalaya and Jayadeva hospital Bengaluru and the comparative and accuracy studies have been published.  

4.The most compact, accurate, affordable and easy 12- Lead ECG 

SanketLife 2.0 is 98% accurate in comparison to traditional 12-Lead ECG machines. The trials and validations have been conducted in India's top cardiac institutes like Narayana Hrudayalaya and Jayadeva hospital Bengaluru and the comparative and accuracy studies have been published. 

ECG As a Service

ECG as a service, is an offering Agatsa brings to you where an ECG report can be transmitted via smartphone and interpreted by a doctor within 10 mins. That is, tele-consultation can take place while the patient is in the ambulance, between the onsite clinicians and the off-site cardiologists, or among hospitals. This makes tele-cardiology service convenient, efficient, and inexpensive. SankeLife is proving to be doctor's No. 1 choice in quick screening and diagnosing Heart-related problems, which can quickly capture 12-lead ECG, share reports via mobile phone and interpreted within 10 mins.

Connecting hospitals to various small clinics, patients and home!! SanketLIfe ECG is a perfect solution for digital ECG inside or outside hospital setting for quick ECG monitoring and interpretation.
Diagnostic Labs
We desire to bring customers the best experience. If you offer a diagnostic service or provide at home diagnostic, add ECG at home service with SanketLife today!
Why limit cardiac screening for urban areas and affluent patients only? SanketLife is a tool to be easily used for cardiac screening camps in rural and remote areas connecting those areas with the best healthcare practices!
Employee health is the biggest asset! Invest in health of employees with SanketLife ECG service. Monitor heart health, stress and overall health factor, get them connected to a doctor and increase productivity!

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A Pocket sized ECG Monitor for Doctors/Professionals

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World's Smallest Key Chain Sized ECG Monitor

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Noise free- Trace
Heart rate and Heart rate variability analysis

Digital and paper ECG Reports 

Car key-chain sized. Can be carried anywhere

Quick Cardiologist interpretation

Cloud Storage/ AI interpretation

99% Accurate

1 Year Warranty

SanketLife is for ALL!

Medical Professionals

Be it diagnosing symptomatic, high risk, cardiac patients right at your consultation desk, or home monitoring your patients. Be it, using this tiny ECG device for mass screening in remote health camps or using it for home visits, SanketLife is a perfect friend for you to turn your practice digital, quick and accurate!! Hence,  saving lives. SanketLife series of devices are well tested, validated and certified to be 98.7 % accurate as compared with traditional machines. 

 General Practitioners

Devices can be used by general practitioners in their clinics for quick and convenient ECG and cardiologists interpretation for symptomatic patients


Use Sanketlife ECG devices for quick screening, diagnosing a heart issue in your patient or give it to your patients and monitor them remotely. Save time! Give better care!

Beyond Cardilology

In case you are a medical professional who does not directly treats cardiac patients but need to monitor their ECG/heart, SanketLife is best for you. SaneketLife is also apt for Point of care usage and ambulances

 In-Home Care

Telemedicine or Home health has been so predominant post Covid times. SanketLife devices are best for home monitoring, remote/rural monitoring

Personal Health Monitoring

The SanketLife series of devices can be used by heart patients to regularly monitor their heart health. They can take an ECG at home and share their data with doctors. It can help patients to reduce unnecessary hospital visits and save time and energy. The devices are helpful to- 

Cardiac patients

Cardiac patients can use the SanketLife device for regular monitoring of their heart health.

 High-risk patients

The portable ECG machine is helpful to patients exposed to high risk who need instant and emergency ECG tests done.

Patients undergoing post-surgical Rehabilitation

SanketLife devices can be used for self-monitoring during the recovery period by post-surgical patients

Fitness fanatics

Range of portable ECG machines is perfect for fitness enthusiasts to keep track of their heart health.

Know How easy SanketLife is to use!

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Multivital 2.0 with Switchsy converter with DB cable
10,148.00 INR 14,999.00 INR

  • Pocket
  • Accurate
    Grade ECG
  • AI for disease detection 
  • Connect IoT Device
  • Lead-less /
  • Easy


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How a Portable ECG device can help you detect a Heart problem Sooner?

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How  many diseases your sanketlife app can detect?

The SanketLife app with the help of an AI-algorithm can detect almost 80 cardiac diseases. After taking an ECG with the   SanketLife device, the report generated is analysed and the AI algorithm alarmsyou in case of any abnormalities detected. 

How can lead III, AVR, AVL, and  AFV generate?

These leads are auto-generated after taking  two  leads ( Lead I and Lead II) with the help of an AI algorithm. 

What  comes in the interpretation report?

The interpretation report will show you the  basic  interpretation and conditions of your heart like Sinus Rhythm, Sinus   Bradycardia, Sinus Tachycardia, Atrial Fibrillation and Supraventricular  Tachycardia. The interpretation report is based entirely on the AI-algorithm. 

What  is the battery backup of the SanketLife device? 

SanketLife 2.0 uses one coin cell CR2032 and  SanketLife pro+ uses two-coin cells CR2032, which gives battery backup of up tosix months based on the usage. Multivital 2.0 comes with a USB charging portand gives battery backup of up to four hours based on the usage. 

How much time will the  SanketLife ECG device take to complete a 12 lead ECG (lead less, lead base)?

To conduct a complete 12-lead ECG, the  SanketLife ECG device takes approximately 3.5 minutes for leadless ECG and     approximately 1.5 minutes for lead-based ECG. 

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