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Heart Rate
12-Lead ECG
PQRST Analysis
Heart Rate variability
Stress Levels
Doctor Review
World's ONLY and the SMALLEST 12-Lead ECG device which is medically validated and has 98% accuracy.
Compatible with most Android and iOS devices
The device is Absolutely Free. 50 ECG Tests are Pre Loaded for you. Tests come with Lifetime Validity, Recharge More ECG tests according to your requirement
Doctor's FIRST choice and is being used by over 5000+ doctors to quickly screen patients for Cardiac problems.
Around 2M ECGs captured
Used by Digital Savvy Doctors and Smart patients
Atrial Fibrillation or Arrhythmia can be easily differentiated from a Normal Heart Rythm just by the touch of 2 sensors.
Most accurate Heart Rate Monitor- Heart rate is most accurate when measured from ECG

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Agatsa brings you the World's Smallest 

and Most Affordable ECG Device Ever!

  • Doctor's No. 1 Choice

  • More than 1 Million ECGs taken

  • More than 3 lakhs users worldwide
    100k + Social Followers 

Together we can make a difference in our hearts and the world.❤️

The symptoms of heart disease can be fatal. Don't let heart disease steal your joy

Adversities are what one should anticipate if heart health is not given priority. The following consequences can be witnessed if one fails to give importance to heart .

Increased Risk Of Heart Attack

Taking good care of heart health can help immensely in eliminating the risk of a heart attack. By adopting healthy choices- eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, quitting smoking & bringing regular heart monitoring to your schedule.

Increased Risk Of Mental Health Disorders

Stress is one of the indicators of bad heart health. Stress can be kept at bay by adopting yoga, meditation & regular heart health monitoring so that you are in sync with your heart. 

Shorts pan of life

Death is unavoidable, however, taking good care of heart health can extend your life longevity. Life is precious, live it healthily and happily.

How Can SanketLife Provide Better Care Of Heart?

The SanketLife is simple and one of the easiest ECG Device to use. SanketLife App user interface is so simple and straightforward that you can easily capture 12 LEAD ECG in around 1 Minute. The best thing about SanketLife is that there isn't much to learn about it, making it better than any other ECG device in world. That's why it has over 1 Million Medical and Non Medical users Worldwide.

Because Heart Health Matters. 

Take an ECG today!

  • Smallest in Size - Car Key Chain, 45 grams in Weight
    SanketLife is the world's smallest ECG machine that provides instant ECG in 1 minute. It could be used easily by physicians and non-doctors.
  • Shareable - Digital ECG reports in Mobile Phone
    The reports are easily shareable via smartphones or computers, making it easier to get immediate doctor consultations and early diagnoses. 
  • Cloud - Free ECG storage on Cloud
    The free ECG storage on the cloud helps in maintaining the records of earlier taken ECGs. 


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World's Most Affordable ECG Device - Make sure your heart is in good hands!

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