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    Multivital 2.0

    Multivital 2.0 - Touch-Based Multi-Parameter Monitoring Device

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SanketLife 2.0 12 Lead ECG Device is for touch-based 12 Lead ECG interpretation. This device detects heart abnormalities and risks just by touch and displays the results digitally on the SanketLife app. The result PDF can be shared with a cardiologist for detailed analysis on the app itself, making heart monitoring convenient and quick for the user.

SanketLife 2.0 12 Lead ECG Device is the world’s smallest and only touch-based ECG device. Here are some of its features -


  • Comprehensive Heart Insights:- SanketLife Pocket ECG provides detailed insights on heart health in real time. Do 1/6/12 Lead ECG, PQRST Analysis and instant AI report on your smartphone.                                                                                                      
  • More than an ECG Device:- Measure Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Stress Levels, and ECG with the same device.                                                                                         
  • Easy to Carry:-SanketLife 2.0 12 Lead ECG Device is designed to encourage regular heart monitoring for all. The device is car keychain-sized, lightweight and portable.                                                                                                                                                    
  • Shareable PDF Report:-Share your heart health report with a cardiologist in seconds on the SanketLife app for detailed analysis.                                                           
  • Cloud Backup:-With this 12 Lead ECG Device, you can find all your reports on the app. Track your health conveniently and get timely treatment, if needed.
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Sanketlife 2.o Features
Wireless ECG
SanketLife 2.0 is the world's smallest touch-based 12-lead ECG machine
The device has a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry even in your pocket
Early Detection

This ECG monitor enables early detection of 100+ heart problems
Instant Results

Get ECG results instantly and share with a cardiologist via the SanketLife app in minutes

Support & Warranty


We offer 24x7 support to our valued customers. Drop us a mail or call and we'll get back in no time.


We're just a call away to resolve our customer's query regarding how to use the product.


SanketLife 2.0 comes with a 1-year warranty.

Sanketlfie ECg DEvice for your GYM
Sanketlife health vitals check

Stay Informed of Your Health Vitals, No Matter Where You Go! 

With SanketLife 2.0 Pocket ECG Device, we empower individuals to take charge of their heart health and make regular heart monitoring a habit. We have touched countless lives till date and we are committed to expanding our reach until every heart has access to our heart health screening device.


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Our product holds CDSCO Manufacturing License and ISO 13485 certification, ensuring quality and compliance. Proudly Made in India, our product reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence.

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On a Mission to Improve Lives

Our mission is to simplify cardiac care and make heart health screening affordable and accessible to all.

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Frequently asked questions

What is SanketLife 2.0 Pocket 12 Lead ECG Device?

SanketLife 2.0 is a pocket ECG device for touch-based 1/6/12 Lead ECG. Using IoT and AI technology, SanketLife ECG detects heart abnormalities in an instant and gives digital results on your smartphone.

Who can use SanketLife 2.0 Pocket ECG?

SanketLife 2.0 Pocket ECG is for everyone – from young adults to the elderly, everyone can use it for heart health monitoring. It can be used to measure 1/6/12 Lead ECG, HRV, and stress levels.

How to use SanketLife 2.0?

To use SanketLife 2.0, place both your thumbs on the finger sensors and get ECG report on the SanketLife app. To do a complete 12 Lead ECG, follow the steps given on the app.

When should I use SanketLife 2.0 ECG?

You can use SanketLife 2.0 ECG anytime to monitor your heart health. You should use the device regularly if you are a heart patient or at heart disease risk.

Is SanketLife 2.0 accurate?

Yes, SanketLife 2.0 provides fairly accurate heart health data. It is an award-winning, medical-grade ECG device tested by some esteemed faculties of the nation for accuracy.

Can I get SanketLife ECG demo?

Yes, SanketLife ECG demo is available on YouTube. You can also request a personal demo by connecting with the customer support team at Agatsa. They are happy to help and will provide you with a virtual, step-by-step demo of using the SanketLife ECG device.

Is SanketLife 2.0 ECG 6 lead or 12 lead?

SanketLife 2.0 ECG can be used to measure 1, 6 and 12 Lead ECGs. It is the world’s smallest ECG device that offers leadless 12 Lead ECG.

Where can I get SanketLife ECG machine review?

SanketLife ECG machine review is available on the website and on every e-commerce platform. It is an easy-to-use device that provides accurate heart health insights, useful in detecting heart diseases.