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The SanketLife Pro+ is simple and is one of the easiest ECG Device to use. SanketLife App user interface is so simple and straightforward that you can easily capture 12 LEAD ECG in around 1 Minute. The best thing about SanketLife is that there isn't much to learn about it, making it better than any other ECG device in world. That's why it has over 1 Million Medical and Non Medical users Worldwide.

  • Smallest in Size - Car Key Chain, 45 Gms in Weight

  • Shareable - Digital ECG reports in Mobile Phone

  • Analysis - Affordable Cardiologist Review

  • Hybrid - Works with Touch and Leads as per need

  • Cloud - Free ECG storage on Cloud

  • Most Convenient 12 Lead ECG System, Globally


 SanketLife Pro+- The Most Convenient  ECG Solution For Your Clinic

Give More to Your Patients With Sanketlife Pro+

How to Use SanketLife Proplus 

as Traditional Lead based ECG Device?


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Trusted by 20,000 Doctors

1 Million+ ECG Tests Reports

In the previous two years, 10,000 doctors have trusted and used this device, and 2 lakh ECG reports have been done including corporate tests and ECG tests for insurance.

24*7 Customer Support

Users can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Where a customer can get assistance via phone calls or chat support at any time and from anywhere.

Portable and World's Most Lightweight 12 Lead ECG Machine
  • 45 gms in Weight
  • Works by Touch and Lead Both - You can Take full 12 LEAD ECG either by touch or by attaching 12 LEADS, supplied with this Combo package
  • Warranty - 2-year Free Replacement Warranty (Home Pickup Facility in case of Faulty Device for Replacement)
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Monitoring
  •  Leadless/Lead base 12-Lead ECG
  •  Bluetooth Connectivity
  •  Android and iOS App Support
  •  In-App interpretation
  •  AI-Driven Technology
  •  Unlimited ECG
  •  2-year warranty (free repair and replacement)
  • OLED Display
  • CR2032/ Li - Ion Battery (Chargeable)
  • 12 ECG Lead Cable
  • Operating Condition (Max: 45℃ and Min: 10℃
  • Storage/Transportation Condition (Max: 60℃ and Min: -5℃)
  • Device Dimension :- 96 X 50X 22 mm
  • Device Weight :- 45 gm
  • Battery Capacity :- 600mAH
  • Battery Output :- 3.7 to 42 V
  • Frequency Response :- 0.5 Hz to 100 Hz
  • CMRR :- 90dB
  • Input Impendence :- 5GOhm
  • Differential Range :- +/- 300mV
  • Resolution :- 10 Bits
  • DC Offset Correction :- +/- 8 mV

Money-Back Guarantee

We are dedicated towards providing the most effective and innovative ECG device. However, if you are facing any issue with our product, our technical team is always there to help and guide you. Also, you can initiate a refund request within 7 days.

Complete Traditional ECG Setup Anytime, Anywhere
Agatsa brings you the Most Affordable and easy 12-Lead Leadless/Leadbased ECG solution at Clinic/Diagnostic Lab.
12 Lead ECG
Leadless/Leadbased ECG
99% Accuracy
Heart-Rate Monitoring
Android & iOS Support
Unlimited ECG Subscription


What our Customer Says?


What precautions should I take before taking ECG?

Make sure to follow the following instructions while taking the ECG:

  • Maintain 3-4 feet distance from any electrical interference like sockets, charging points, etc.
  • Make sure to remove all the metallic accessories on your body like gold chains, rings, wristwatches, piercings, jewelry, etc.
  • Make sure you are in a sitting position and your legs should not be crossed and stable your body while taking the ECG.
  • The lead points as shown in the user manual over your body should be properly moisturized with water/sanitizer.
  • Do not press the sensors too tightly, keep it gentle.

How/Where can I see my readings? 

You can see your readings on the inbuilt display screen on the device as well as on the SanketLife app once you connect the device with the app via Bluetooth. 

 How can I print my ECG report?

Please note, that the report can be generated in the mobile app in the form of PDF and it can be printed in any A4 size format.

I am non-medical background person and I don’t know how to interpret my ECG?

The first level of interpretation comes through AI algorithm, then for the second level go to our mobile app for expert cardiologist review which can further interpret your report in 5 to 6 minutes. 

What is the time limit for returns?

7 Days

How do I make a return ?

Reach out to and let us know the buyer's first and last name. Please include the order number if you have it. 

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