Upgrade your clinic with SanketLife Pro Plus Combo 

A Portable Medical Grade Digital ECG Setup

Are these challenges a concern at your Clinic too?

Bulky Equipment

Ongoing Cost

Incapability to evaluate the ECG

 at your clinic

Why Touch & Lead Based SanketLife Pocket ECG Setup

 is all you need?

Leadless and lead-based 12-lead ECG

Heart Rate & Heart Rate Variability Analysis

 Identify Cardiovascular diseases just by touch

Instant and Accurate Digital AI-generated Reports

Cloud Storage

No Recurring Expense

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Elevate your Doctor Practice with Do-It-Yourself SanketLife Pro Plus Combo 

  • Upgrade your desk with 12 Lead Medical Grade Pocket ECG

  • Record a medical-grade 12 lead ECG using leads/wires to capture a comprehensive overview of the Patient's heart using SanketLife application

  • Get Al generated Shareable PDF ECG reports instantly on your smartphone

  • Get in touch with the patient remotely for quick, in-depth ECG analysis for timely intervention

Product Features

12 Lead Medical-Grade Pocket ECG Setup at your clinical desk

Upgrade your clinic with Medical Grade Touch & Lead based Digital ECG setup right at your desk

Easy Access to Patient ECG Data

Get hassle-free access to the cloud backup for patient insights & ECG records anytime anywhere

Instant Shareable ECG Reports & Quick Cardiologist Review 

Get an advantage of sharing ECG reports digitally, facilitating reviews by cardiologists in just no time

Consult Your Patients Virtually with Handy ECG Report

Get in touch with patients remotely with the convenience of detailed ECG reports for timely intervention

Boost Patient Loyalty with Your Care

Stick to your patients for further consultation even after discharge

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